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Several years ago Joanie Coleman (President, Asante Sana, and one of its co-founders)) set out to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Joanie didn’t succeed in climbing the mountain, but, she did develop an abiding passion for the area and a growing desire to help the many children living there, often in dire conditions. Since that unsuccessful climb Joanie has visited the area nine times to date and has introduced a variety of her friends and colleagues to the school, hospital and the two groups of orphan children she first encountered there. Joanie’s enthusiasm has encouraged many others to offer help, and, now it is time to set up a 501(c)(3)  so that those who wish can donate to this valuable undertaking in a more structured way.

There are places in the world, such as this small part of Tanzania, dominated by the awe inspiring Kilimanjaro, where even a small amount of help can achieve extraordinary things. So much can be accomplished if money, time & effort go directly to where it is needed. Here visiting the school, hospital, Upendo orphans and Mama Lynn it is immediately clear justhow the gifts of money and supplies are being used and what a difference they have made. Moreover the results are instantaneous, be it food for the hungry orphans, school supplies, new lighting in the hospital operating theater, additional books and dictionaries for the school library or diapers for Mama Lynn’s youngest children.

Asante Sana’s mission is a simple one – to direct as close to 100% of all donations directly to the individuals who need it.